STRONGMAR Thematic Workshop: Sensing the Deep Sea

STRONGMAR is an EU funded project ( with the aim of creating solid and productive links in the global field of marine science and technology between INESC TEC and established leading research institutions, thereby helping raising INESC TEC staff’s research profile and its recognition as a European maritime research centre of excellence.

This workshop is supported by STRONGMAR that will be chaired by four or five experts in the field of ocean sensing. They will present the current state of the technology and future challenges before opening the session to the floor for informal discussion. The aim of the workshop is to share ideas and create partnerships towards further research collaborations. Registration for the workshop is free.

Date of workshop: 20 June 2017 (afternoon)

SENSOR and SYSTEM Innovations for the Oceans of Tomorrow

Oceans regulate the Earth’s climate and are integral to all known sources of life. As we know, ocean processes are of biological, geological, chemical or physical nature, occurring at micro- to kilometre scales, from less than seconds to centuries, turning the understanding and the sustainable management of the ocean into a multiscale and multi-disciplinary effort. Collection of in-situ observations from a volume that covers over 70% of the planet is also inherently challenging and remains generally difficult and costly in time and resources. Clearly, advances are needed to monitor at a level that effective understanding and stewardship of the oceans can be achieved.

The Oceans of Tomorrow (OoT) projects, funded by the European Commission’s FP7 program, are developing a new generation of sensors supporting physical, biogeochemical and biological oceanographic monitoring. The sensors range from acoustic to optical fluorometers to labs on a chip. Through the development of sensor and information technologies for observation systems as well as improved analytical approaches, key gaps in our ability to monitor the environment are being addressed. By creating multi-sensor capabilities that can easily operate on different platforms, economies of scale in sensor manufacturing and full interoperability across monitoring platforms is becoming a reality.

This workshop will address advances in sensors, platforms interfaces and information systems for a new generation of observation capabilities. It will be a discussion forum looking at current capabilities and to future needs and developments.

Date of workshop: 22nd June 2017 (Thursday) – free registration


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